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19 Best Bedroom Designs That Will Inspire You

by decorsuggest | Last Updated: July 8, 2020

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Bedrooms are like a personal sanctuary. It is the space where people spend most of the time doing chores like sleeping, getting dressed, and sometimes working too. A bedroom should be arranged specifically to cater to your needs. It should be a reflection of your inner mind and peace. Therefore, it is always advised to pay special attention to the details when it comes to designing a bedroom. Make sure you take extra efforts to curate a space where you absolutely love spending time!

If you are struggling to put together a perfect bedroom for yourself, worry no more. Here are some cool and chic ways to decorate the bedroom. Stay tuned!

Create an Efficient Layout

1. Make Separate Zones in the Room

Picture by – Edelle Bruton

Arranging your furniture in a layout that is easy to use will enhance your bedroom experience completely! Start by creating zones in the bedroom like bedding, dressing area, home office, and so on. Once you have a list of things you need, it becomes easier to execute the plan.

Make sure you allot separate spaces for seating so you don’t end up lounging in your bed all day. Try a couple of furniture layouts and work your way through to create the ideal one that is efficient and makes your life effortless. Mark the areas according to the frequency of usage and things will fall into its place eventually!

2. Design your Personal Nook

Picture By – Sidekix Media

If you are an avid reader, having a reading spot is mandatory! Instead of going with traditional armchairs, try to create a reading niche near the window. Imagine having a cup of coffee while sitting on the sill. Stunning right?

On the other hand, if making such architectural changes is not feasible for you, try to have a vibrant and cozy armchair set up with a comfy ottoman and a lamp. Such setup can add a cool vibe to the room and would definitely be the most abused corner of the room!

3. Create an Inspiring Workspace

Picture By – Patrick Perkins

Who said your home office has to be boring? Go crazy with your workspace in the bedroom using vibrant and cheerful colors! Even if your bedroom is not as big as a mansion, you can still crop out a corner of the room and build your own home office.

Ditch the traditional wall back table and chair, and try going for a circular table with a comfortable chair that will provide a happy work environment. Adding hanging plants and small potters will imbibe positivity and motivation to space.

4. Don’t Forget to Decorate the Outside

Picture By – Sidekix Media

A lot of people have big, beautiful balconies extending their bedrooms but they fail to include it in the design. Outdoors can be a great place to lounge and spend time with your loved ones. Make sure you translate your design style to the exterior by creating a comfortable niche.

It doesn’t have to be a lot, just a couple of chairs, a nice coffee table and planters can work wonders. If you want to stretch it a bit more, you can have closed closet spaces in your balcony installed to store workout units and other knickknacks.

Experiment with Unconventional Interior Design Styles

5. Beach Beauty

Picture By – Annie Spratt

Can’t go on a vacation? Have one in the finesse of your room!

We all love beaches! Why not make your bedroom a personal getaway filled with exciting colors and calming ambiance. All you need is a bucket full of blue paint to change the vibe of your room. Try maximizing the bright light with fully drawn curtains made up of sheer lined. Throw in some lush and fluffy pillow and you are good to go!

6. Asian Aesthetics

Picture By – Chastity Cortijo

Asian design style has always been synonymous with minimalism. But you can take it one step further by using vibrant colors and saturated shades. A bright bedroom space looks timeless and elegant. There is a lot of energy and enigma that can be produced using stellar shades like tangerine and red.

If you are too shy to experiment, go for subtle tones, and only add a pop of color through small pieces like artworks and pillows. This way you can still have a bright room but it wouldn’t look daunting.

7. Amusing Art Deco

Picture By – Emile Guillemot

Art deco is raving back to the design world where people with maximal taste opting to create a frenzied look. If you love to experiment with spaces, having an art deco-inspired room will totally blow your mind!

Try using a deep and dark color palette with bold patterns. If you are hesitant with wallpapers, you can include vintage furniture pieces like carved dresses, elaborated bed frames, intricately designed lamps, or rustic mirrors. These old-world charms can make your bedroom look like vintage heaven!

8. Rustic Roulette

Picture By – Aw Creative

If craziness runs in your blood, you should try using unconventional materials to create a dramatic bedroom interior. When most people avoid using stones in the bedroom design, you can go one step ahead and create rustic heaven using an ample amount of unfinished stone.

The dark, rough stones give a cave-like feeling to space which makes the room stand out immediately! To complement this stark feature, use smooth upholstery in soft furnishings. Another great way to enhance the bedroom design is by using a vertical green wall. It is eco-friendly, sustainable, and will provide a breath of fresh air to your bedroom.

9. Minimal Dream

Picture By – Kam Idris

Modernistic designs have completely taken over the design industry. Homeowners love creating a minimal abode for themselves and nothing looks more charming than a simple bedroom.

The hack for doing minimal décor is to use various textures to create a sense of comfort. Having an abundance of materials like pinewood, silks, linen, rattan, and so on, makes a space look chic.

A pro tip: Always try to source good quality and classy furniture items when doing a minimal décor, having fewer but meaningful pieces can make a lot of difference!

10. Monochromatic Magnificence

Picture By – Aw Creative

Who said monochrome is limited to black and white? There is a whole lot of hues that are a part of the monochrome majesty, including all the 50 shades of grey! Such colors look subdued yet charming and provide a blank canvas for you to go crazy with the fitments.

Monochrome interiors show great acceptance and can easily be merged into different design styles like industrial, minimal, eclectic, and many more.

Highlight the Space Using Unique Décor 

11. Go Bonkers Over the Paintings

Picture By – Shop Slo

Having a statement painting at the backrest can make your bedroom look luxurious and classy. An oversized painting works like heaven when centered on the top of the bed. You can anchor the whole look of the apartment by just installing your favorite artwork.

Additionally, this painting could be multi-textured heaven. Try using different media or finish for the painting incorporating colors from the theme of your room and you will see how magical your bedroom looks!

12. Ameliorate the Walls

Picture By – Trend

Most of the people try to achieve a low profile with muted paints or subtle wallpapers. Well, this is time to think out of the box and go crazy with the walls!

Hands down, painting is the most cost-effective and creative way to decorate a wall. Within a few hours, you can change the look of your bedroom using over-the-top painting styles and patterns. Especially for kid’s bedroom and bachelor rooms, having a vibrant vibe in the room is an absolute must! The possibilities with paints are endless. Create your own funky corner with saturated shades and see how stylish the bedroom looks.

13. Try Unique Beds

Picture By – Anne Sullivan

Today, there are a ton of bedding options available in the market. So, ditch the traditional beds and try opting for various sizes like a king-size bed, or daybeds. If you are in a mood to experiment, perhaps you can opt for a low-profile bed, water bed, or even a poster bed. Unique bed structures provide an elegance to the room and act as a statement design.

Also, before investing in a bed make sure you enjoy the feel of it! You are going to spend most of your time lounging, so it should be worth every penny. A quirky bed will instantly stand out and create a sense of excitement in the room.

14. The Curtain Charm

Picture By – Sidekix Media

Curtains occupy a significant amount of area in a room. Most of the bedrooms have big enough openings that need perfect window treatment. Curtains are one of the most effective ways to update a room. Just switch your curtains and see how the entire look of your room can change only in a few minutes!

While selecting the drapery make sure it accentuates the room while not disturbing the harmony. Choose the curtain style that matches with the interior as well as allows the sunlight and fresh air to come inside.

15. Lucrative Lights

Picture By – Isaac Quesada

Lighting alone can transform the interior design completely! There is nothing in this world, a good lighting design cannot beautify.

While designing your bedroom, make sure to use lighting wisely to elaborate on the look of your room. A great way to brighten up the room is by enhancing the architectural features. You can use panel lights or decorative lights to give an eclectic look. Alternatively, bedside lamps are really versatile and can amplify the ambiance.

16. A pinch of greenery, or maybe more?

Picture By – Devon Janse Van Rensburg

The botanical interior is the latest fad in the interior industry and it looks absolutely stunning! Having a little urban jungle in your bedroom can enhance the look of the room and make it look trendier. Green is a soothing and calming shade. And adding planters can match almost any interior design style.

The trick to creating a gorgeous green sanctuary is by adding plants in different layers. Always group the planters such that they all have distinctive sizes. This way you can fill the space efficiently and the beauty of the plants will not get merged.

17. Go for a Luxurious Bedding

Picture By – Devon Janse Van Rensburg

Upholstery plays a key role in bedroom interior design. A lot of textiles are used in bedrooms including curtains, bedding, rugs, pillows, throw blankets, armchairs, and so on. Therefore, having a good composition of texture play is important.

Try to create a cohesive look by using all the fabrics in a decided theme. It could be as simple as color coordination or using fabrics from the same cloth family-like silk, cotton, or synthetic. Having a common story in your bedding can change the look of the bedroom and make it look more like a hotel!

18. Magical Mirrors

Picture By – Reisetopia

Do you have a space crunch in your bedroom? Using mirrors can provide visual spaciousness in the room.

Wardrobe with full-length mirrors have been in trend for a long time now but they never fail to make a space look sleek and stylish. You can try using mirrors in eclectic shapes to create a sense of curiousness!

19. Make it Memorable

Picture By – Sidekix Media

Bedrooms hold a personal place in everyone’s hearts. Therefore, it is a great place to showcase your personal moments and favorite pictures. You can create a gallery wall with memoirs from your travel diaries or just install pieces from local artists in your city.

Feature head wall adds a personality to the room which makes it look just perfect! Additionally, you can also add a world map or just anything that is close to your heart and can make the room look more aesthetic.

These were some stunning ideas to inspire you to design your bedroom. Make sure it is a space filled with positivity, good looks, and a lot of love. Your bedroom should be a reflection of your personality so make sure you enjoy every nook of it!