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17 Best Space Saving Design Ideas for Small Living room

by decorsuggest | Last Updated: July 8, 2020

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Space constraint has become a universal issue in the modern world. Capsule living and loft apartments are a common sight. In the growing struggle, it is essential to utilize space efficiently. Be it a tiny condo or studio flat; there are a ton of ways in which you can maximize the potential of the living room.
Several designers work non-stop with their creativity to come up with modular fitments and optimized tiny house living. Today, there is a myriad of ways in which you can upgrade your dream home into a cozy and cheerful space.

How To Save Space in Your Livingroom?

Here are small tips and tricks that you can try at your home to reform your interiors and make the best out of small living. Stay tuned!

1. Don’t Let the Staircase Space go to Waste

Photo by – Tin Nguyen

Staircases occupy a lot of space, which gets unused most of the time. Many people stuff it with extra stuff or convert it into a storage area that ends up looking dull and drag. A great hack is to convert this area into a beautiful shelf with ample storage to keep the extras. It could be a bookshelf, study area, or even a nice display closet for the crockery.
If you still in the designing phase, you can upgrade with a staircase with built-in drawers and storage shelves that look clean and chic. Creating a nice nook under the staircase can truly enhance the aesthetic of your room.

2. Create Spatial Zones inside the Room

Photo by – Michael Descharles

Most of the houses today come with open living and kitchen, which looks stunning! But a lot of homes turn up into a complete mess with merged spaces. A creative way to resolve this issue is by creating zones inside the rooms.
Allot separate space for dining, study, and lounge areas. You can use smart pieces of furniture like credenza or glass partition to create a visual division. Having separate areas provide a definite structure to the room and allow guided movements, which are very necessary for a functional room.

3. Bring the Bright Sunlight Inside

Photo by – Patrick Perkins

An amazing way to make space look bigger is by lighting it up with warm, bright sunlight. If you get tons of sunlight in your living room, do not block it with dark, heavy curtains. Let the sunlight pour in to create a chirpy and vibrant space. In case you do not receive natural light, paint the with lighter shades like white, beige, powder blue, and muted tones to mimic a large space. Using sheer curtains instead of Venetian blinds or black-out curtains can instantly add life to your living room!

4. Create a Cosy and Comfortable Nook

Photo by – Kathleen Gaffney

Nothing looks more positive and tranquilizing more than a cozy niche. Decorate the cold corners of your room with lively plants and lush flowers to bring warmth to space. Small living rooms tend to look boring due to corners left unattended and dull. Always try to utilize the dead nooks of the house to get a cohesive look.
Bringing potted plants is a great way to spirit up the interiors of your house. If you are one of those scared of commitments and think you might end up killing your plants, go for the lesser maintenance counterparts. Succulents are amazing for all the millennial crowd out there, as they brighten up space effortlessly and requires lesser care.

5. Use the Extra Ceiling Space

Photo by – Antoine Gayraud

A lot of times, apartments come with reduced carpet areas but chunks of vertical space. Most of the old constructed buildings come with ample ceiling heights which could be converted to the extra living area.
Especially for bachelors and young couples converting the loft into a double-height room looks contemporary and cool. These days there are a plethora of modular options to build space-saving mezzanine floors. Just an extra slab and a squeezed staircase are enough to make the space interesting. You can make a tiny bedroom on the top or assign the space to a nerdy study area. Mezzanine floors look just amazing!

6. Let There be White Everywhere

Photo by – Annie Spratt

Nothing makes space look bigger than an all-white room. White walls create an illusion of a spacious room. While a lot of people know this hack, they fail to translate it into space. Using muted toned and off white is your best shot to make any tiny room look lively. But complementing it with white décor can add a charm to the room.
Try incorporating white or nude shades in bigger cover areas like rugs, curtains, and couch. You can minimalize your color scheme by only using shades of similar tone, which can effortlessly make the living room cleaner and more ‘put together.’

7. Use the Wall Space Smartly

Photo by – Piqsels

Many houses with small carpet areas have congested floor space and empty walls. This ends up looking claustrophobic and reduces the functionality of the room. Try to optimize the wall area by including smart shelving options. There are many ways in which you can introduce wall shelving like making a Tv unit, bookshelf, display area, and so much more!
Additionally, you can also install other walls hung fitments like a bed, which opens up at night and during the day you can use the area as a living room. This is an awesome way to save space when you have a strict floor area to work with.
If you are afraid that open wall shelves might end up looking clustered, go for covered units that will save your day.

8. Use the Monochrome Magic

Photo by – Maheen Muhammed

Monochrome has been the talk of the town for quite some time now, and it surely gives an illusion of a spacious room. Go for muted color tones like beige and off-white to pull off a small room smartly.
The best thing about monochrome rooms is that you can have light and dark moments, and still space ends up looking gorgeous. Matching tones of curtains camouflage well with the walls thus, creating a vision of a bigger area. Monochrome fashion has completely taken over Instagram and it surely is worth the try for your living room!

9. Deck up the Ceiling

Photo by – Pexels

Decorated ceilings instantly add an element of interest in the rooms. Shiny surfaces tend to give a mirror effect to space, which gives a false illusion of extended area. You can use a glossy wallpaper or give a shiny finish to the ceiling to get a dashing look!
These days, there are many wallpapers available in the market with supreme materials and finishes to glam up any room. Another trend to follow is the industrial look with exposed ducts. Industrial interior design has a minimal ceiling with open décor, which gives an extra room. This is a preferred style for bachelor pads but young families can opt for this chic look too!

10. Flare that Fancy Rug

Photo by – Pixabay

Small rooms usually look tiny because of the low height ceiling. The best way to create a distraction is by using an eccentric rug. The textile industry is filled with different styles ranging from bohemian look to intricate Turkish styles. Such area rugs can diversify the look of your living room and add a character to space.
Another hack to decorate small rooms is by using hanging pots. They look contemporary and chic, all at the same time, and doesn’t even use up the floor space. A win-win situation for all!

11. Be Resourceful with the Furniture

Photo by – Wallpaper flare

When you are scrunching with space, every inch counts! Many living rooms end up looking shabby and messy due to the lack of enough storage space. Most people think having storage units in living rooms is unnecessary and not required. This leads to most of the stuff lying around on couches and sideboards.
To avoid this mess, it is always advised to introduce storage units wherever possible! Modern modular furniture is designed in a way that doubles up as storage. Couches with drawers, coffee tables that open up as chest, and sofa side tables with doors are just a few of the furniture items that can be used easily. Invest in such multi-functional pieces to get rid of the junk lying around the house.

12. Use Exposed Leg Furniture

Photo Courtesy – Pikist

Picking furniture pieces with exposed legs gives a delusion of a wider area. Such fitments provide extra space for walking instead of hampering the flow. This space can keep storage baskets of wicker boxes, which can keep throw blankets or other titbits.
If you have a pet, this could be a great space for them to sneak in and snuggle. Also, you can slide in the beds during the daytime to make extra room.

13. Sectional Sofa to Save Space

Photo by – Sidekix Media

Sectional sofas have been the biggest saviors in the modern world! They are aesthetic, comfortable, functional, and basically, all good things combined in a couch. L-shape sofas are amazing to save space. Most of the living rooms have cranked up corner spaces that lie unused. Using modular sofas can be a great hack in such cases. The furniture design industry has come up with different variants of these sectional couches that fit everyone’s needs. Their offbeat shapes and unique designs have something to offer to every room and can instantly glam up the living room décor!

14. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall!

Photo by – Aw Creative

Mirrors can instantaneously make the room look more expansive. It is common to see commercial spaces using oversized mirrors to appeal to a bigger space visually to. This concept can be borrowed and used in residential interiors too.

Try to opt for large mirrors for the wall above the sofa, or you can place one in the foyer. Decorative mirrors can be used in different finishes and unique shapes to create an elegant look.

15. Lighten up to brighten up

Photo by – Pikist

Lights play a drastic role in interior design. It can make an average room look stunning, and sometimes even a well-designed room ends up looking drab because of poor lighting. But if you want to make your room look drop-dead gorgeous, go for amazing lights! The lighting design world has endless possibilities that can enlighten any room.
Opt for dramatic and daring fixtures to create an eclectic look. Alternatively, you can choose different shades of light, so the room looks unique. Yellow lights always look tasteful and welcoming. If you are someone who loves to host parties, including moody lights can definitely help you ace the design game.

16. Use low-height furniture

Photo by – Pxfuel

The Asian design style is dominated by low height fitments that make the room look spacious. By cutting off the length from the furniture, you can immediately provide more air to the room. Such a seating area is really comfortable and makes for a great lounging space. You can add a bunch of throw pillows, and voila! Your beautiful living room is ready with glory!

17. Minimal Magnificence

Photo by – Loewe Technologies

The best and the most efficient space-saving hack for the end, minimalism! Less is always more when it comes to designing a space with limited area. Stuffing the rooms with unnecessary furniture makes it look even smaller. The perfect way to create an aesthetic and pleasant interior space is by using minimal and functional pieces. Say goodbye to those credenzas and armoires that you do not use and just added it to show-off.
In addition to minimal furniture, they also give a whitewash to the walls, looking spick and span. White walls act as a blank canvas for you to iterate your design style. Low-height and exposed furniture makes the room more spacious. Use smart lights to accentuate to features you want to highlight and go with muted lighting for the rest of the area. Even though this living room has no window and a dearth of natural light, it still looks very breezy and breathable.


These were some amazing hacks to save space. Choosing the right furniture and design style can help you deck-up any space to make it look more aesthetic and functional. I hope you find these ideas useful! Incorporate these in your living room to make it look undeniably chic and stylish!