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3 Simple Ways to Fold a Bath Towel

by decorsuggest | Last Updated: July 8, 2020

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Towels are always in plenty in the house, even if you leave alone. Some people have bath towels for the hair, the feet, the body, and additional towels for the guest. Storing towels is, however, a challenge since they are meant for use within the house. Bath towels are always part of the laundry that you do not see the need to fold. Most people throw the towels into the closet, unfolded, or place them untidily on the towel rack. Did you know you can neatly fold a towel before you place it on a towel rack?

How to Fold Bath Towel?

Folding towels is essential because not only does it helps you save space; it also keeps your house organized and gives it a beautiful display. Folding towels is also a form of meditation and stress reliever since it gets your mind off things. Folding a towel can have an immense impact on the look of your home since it makes bath towels organized, pleasing to the sight, and easily accessible. It also enables you to store your bath towels nicely, preventing them from dirt and dust. Folding towels saves space for other items in the bedroom, laundry room, or bathroom because folded towels utilize little space. Folded bath towels also take up little space in travel bags.

There are many ways to fold a bath towel to keep your home organized. Some folding methods are easy, while some are complex. Complicated folding methods are usually meant for a luxurious look and are common folding methods of bath towels in five-star hotels. There are three simple ways you can adopt to fold bath towel in your home:

1. How To Fold Towels Hotel Style

Photo by – Sven Mieke

The hotel-style is a folding method that is popular for bath towels in hotels. The hotel-style is also known as the stacking method because it gives you clean edges and allows you to stack up against your towels neatly on a shelf.

Spread the towel on a flat horizontal surface. Make sure that you are close to the long edge of the bath towel. Take the towel edges on your right, fold them towards the middle, and do the same with the edges on your left side. Take the short ends and fold them towards the middle, each side at a time. Leave a small gap, which will create space for one more fold, in the area where the two short ends meet. Lastly, fold one end over the other and smooth out the bath towel surface using your palms. Store the folded towels in stacks on a shelf.

2. How To Fold Towels To Save Space

Photo by – Dom J

The rolling method is also called the spa-style. The method gives your bath towels a luxurious display. It is a great folding method for towels to be stored in open cubbies.

Spread the towel on a flat horizontal surface. The long side of the towel should be close to you. Take the bottom right corner upwards to line up with the top edge of the towel. Do the same using the bottom left corner; you will get a triangular shape. Smooth out the towel using your palms then flip it upside down. Keep the pointed end facing the right and the longest edge close to you. Start rolling the bath towel from the left end to the pointed end. The tip will be exposed, secure the towel by tucking the tip into the tightly rolled towel.

3. How To Fold Guest Towels

Photo by – Paul Hanaoka

The towel rack folding method is the easiest folding method because you do not need to fold your bath towel all the way. The method is for folding towels that you can hang on your towel rack to make your bathroom look neat. It also makes your towel easily accessible when you get out of the bath or shower.

Spread your towel on a horizontal surface. Fold the longer side to half its width. Take one short side and fold it to the middle, then do the same with the other side. The towel will be folded in thirds and ready to hang on the rack either singly or in stacks.